CPAP Supplies

The best way to manage your sleep disorder is to take good care of your CPAP machine with regular cleanings and properly fitting supplies. Sleep Wellness Center makes it easy for you to order all your CPAP supplies with the form below.

Sleep Wellness Center will check your insurance coverage for the CPAP equipment and supplies you selected. If any of the CPAP machines, masks, or supplies are not fully covered by insurance, we will contact you about your out-of-pocket costs prior to fulfilling this order.

Convenience Items and Maintenance Supplies

Our Fargo and Grand Forks Sleep Centers carry and inventory of convenience and maintenance supplies. See our Additional Sleep Wellness Products here.

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No problem, we can still help you get the CPAP supplies you need. Just complete this patient information so we can contact your insurance company to see what you’re eligible to receive.

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Available CPAP Supplies
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Order Schedule

Most insurance companies allow for replacement parts on a regular basis. Refer to this replacement schedule reference guide to help you remember when to order your CPAP supplies. You are also welcome, at your own expense, to order extra supplies for travel or to keep at vacation homes.

Product Replacement Schedule
Mask (includes seal) 1 per 3 months
Full-face seal replacement 1 per month
Nasal seal or nasal pillow replacement 2 per month
Chin strap 1 per 6 months
CPAP/BIPAP tubing 1 per 3 months
CPAP/BIPAP filter (disposable) 2 per month
CPAP/BIPAP filter (non-disposable) 1 per 6 months
CPAP/BIPAP humidifier water chamber 1 per 6 months
Replacement CPAP/BIPAP unit Consult your provider